Accademici Gelatieri

Pistachio Experience at SIGEP: the collaboration with Babbi

The 2022 season is off to a good start for the Associazione Accademici Italiani Gelatieri Artigiani. The group has already participated in the Pistachio-themed seminar (read the article here) and has increased its numbers of with new outstanding members from the Italian sector.

But then there is new and amazing news. The owner of Babbi, Gianni, proposes a collaboration that would be impossible to turn down.

Babbi has great things planned for the 43rd edition of SIGEP, the international exhibition of gelato and pastry products in Rimini. Their stand will celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary with a design that is dedicated to the 1950s.

It will include a Pistachio Experience area, which will feature some pistachio-based flavours created by the members of Accademici Gelatieri. Stefano Dassie will be present on Monday 14 March.