A Tuscan company that is an expert in the artisanal processing of cocoa.

Amedei chocolate is made from the finest cocoa beans, processed using an ancient technique. This is why it is the corner stone of Dassie creations. The company also stands out for its social commitment in Africa and South America where plantations are located.

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Pietro Massi

Simply one of the best pasta makers in the world.

It is no coincidence that Pietro Massi’s pasta is chosen by stellar chefs such as Mauro Uliassi. In 2021 Stefano Dassie used it in twelve gourmet recipes combined with his gelato: from a Cesar Salad reinterpreted with spaghetti, to tagliatelle served in crab shell. All the dishes were photographed by Mauro Milan.

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Zolla 14

This organic and biodynamic farm produces fruit, vegetables and cereals.

From July to September, it supplies the Dassie gelaterias with delicious peaches and apples, which become sorbets with a high vitamin content.

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Tempo di nocciole

Hazelnuts from a family that has been farming the “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe” variety for 5 generations.

The present owners of this farm in Cravanzana, in the Langhe region, are Renato and Nadia. For years they have been selecting for us the best PGI hazelnuts from their harvest. The hazelnuts arrive in the Dassie gelaterias perfectly shelled and skinned, as they undergo extra-careful sifting compared to the normal production.

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Eat & smile

Nutritionist Dr Gloria Ervas is at our side for the creation of increasingly well-balanced food combinations.

Every month, the Dassie gelaterias launch a new flavour approved by Dr Ervas that is rich in healthy and highly digestible ingredients. Put your diet to the test!

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Mauro Milan – Italian food photographer

Mauro Milan is a food photographer. His shots capture the essence of food, placing it squarely centre stage, free from artifices.

Mauro’s artistic vision goes beyond the image, he tells the story of the emotions that the chef serves on the plate. Consultant and Art Director for Dassie, Mauro collaborates with Ice&Food, the project that combines gelato with haute cuisine.

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Manufacturer of food containers dedicated to the gelato, pastry and catering sectors.

With a background of producing gelato, the founders focus on this sector, offering a wide range of products from spoons to straws and cups to tubs. It is a company with a green ethos, always on the lookout for innovation with an eye on sustainability.

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