Hazelnut and milk chocolate bar

The roasted “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” hazelnut blends harmoniously with the intense taste of chocolate.

Chocolate cream

Dassie++ chocolate spreadable cream “Imagination in spreadable form” created by Stefano Dassie.

Toscano Black 70

A blend with 70% Trinitario and Criollo cocoa and an inviting and authentic fragrance.

White chocolate and Bronte pistachios egg

Selected Bronte pistachios, delicately air-roasted and enveloped in the creaminess of white chocolate.

Toscano White Bar

Milk chocolate with notes of honey and vanilla for a velvety and delicate flavour.

White chocolate with pistachio

White chocolate with air roasted Bronte pistachios.

Toscano Blond

Dehydrated peaches and apricots are known for their thirst-quenching and digestive properties thanks to vitamin A, calcium and magnesium.

Sunset from Etna kit

Kit for preparing gelato with the flavours and aromas of Sicily.

Wholesome kids

Kit for making gelato with yogurt and fruit, perfect for those who like to stay fit.