Flavour of the month

White chocolate with star anise

A springy, sweet and fresh taste? Try Dassie's white chocolate cream with star anise.

Recommended music

What’s my age again? - Blink-182

Lemon and basil

Fresh and delicate, combining juicy lemons from the Amalfi coast with basil.

After Eight

The depth of dark chocolate meets the freshness of mint.

Chocolate and rose

Just like in a fairy tale, chocolate gelato is married to the romantic perfume of rose petals.


Ultra-creamy gelato made with the best and entire Sorrento walnuts.

Gambero Rosso chocolate

International satisfaction for its characteristics: Exaltation of the best cocoa beans in the world, cleanliness on the palate and unique persistence. Gambero Rosso Award 2018.


A mix of tropical fruit. An intense journey into the South American continent for an experience that will surprise you every day!


A custard gelato rippled with sour cherry sauce with soft sponge cake soaked in alcohol-free alkermes liqueur.


Madagascar Bourbon vanilla custard gelato with grated coconut from Sri Lanka and caramel.

Chocolate, lemon and ginger

Base of chocolate with juice from Amalfi lemons and organically farmed ginger.