Cravanzana – A Journey to the Hazelnut Paradise

An almost surreal journey that lasts a whole day. Once back home it hardly seems to have happened, and one wonders in amazement: “Have we really visited those enchanted places?” Stefano and his team join Cravanzana a couple of times a year. The purpose of the visit is to taste the new harvest of Renato and Nadia, producers and lovers of hazelnuts, and now dear friends of Stefano. The caliber of the hazelnuts is selected, the roasting times are discussed. The experience is also memorable thanks to the charm of Cravanzana. Perched on the hills of the Alta Langa, this ancient village is surrounded by woods and hazelnut groves. Until now known as a hazelnut production center, in recent years it has also become a destination for international tourism. The landscape is sublime, dotted with hazelnuts. Some larger, which already give endless high quality hazelnuts, and others younger, which will take years to be productive. Looking at the buds on the branches, and knowing that one of the best products in the world will be born from there, inspires admiration and wonder. Faced with so much beauty, we can only renew our commitment once again. For us, the True Artisan Gelato is the one that preserves the scent of the new harvest intact, which enhances the fragrance of the freshly roasted hazelnut. A harmony of flavors that comes from the wise respect of the raw material.