Barcelona, a stimulating weekend

For Enrico’s bachelor party, manager of the Dassie ice cream shop in Montebelluna, the whole team celebrated in Barcelona. Here is the report of our weekend! We land in Barca in the early afternoon and immediately set out to discover the city. We visit the Sagrada Famìlia, admire its majesty and let ourselves be moved by the play of color of the windows. We walk all day, without a real destination, making some refreshing stops. “Dos sangrias por favor!”. We have dinner at W Barcelona, ​​and have a high-level culinary experience. The Executive Chef of the facility is Carlotta Delicato, winner of the second edition of the Hell’s Kitchen television program, with Chef Carlo Cracco as teacher and judge. Our work is continuous research, and this is done wherever there is art and quality food: on the road, in restaurants, in markets. In fact, the following morning Stefano throws everyone out of bed. “Today I take you in search of inspiration for the next season. Let’s go and visit La Boqueria! ”. La Boqueria is Barcelona’s most famous fruit and vegetable market. An irresistible display of fruit and vegetables, a true example of the enhancement of raw materials. The scenographic presentation prompted us to photograph every single fruit and vegetable! Between shots, we were also able to taste freshly prepared fruit juices. Other counters display meat or fish. It is possible to buy, but also have the products cooked instantly and consumed on the spot. In short, a place that is worth a visit! After this weekend full of taste, beauty and relaxation, we returned to the ice cream parlor really full, ready to create some recipes and dare new combinations.