Sweet recipe

Beautiful is even more good

Serve a cake or a cup of ice cream aiming for the “wow” effect? Decoration is essential, and it must be perfect.

The compositions of carved fruit require imagination and a minimum of technique. Stefano was able to learn from the best, first of all his colleague and teacher Beppo Tonon. Ice cream maker, trainer of the Italian ice cream world champion team, known for his creations with sculpted fruit. Millions of Italians saw him at work in the “Detto Fatto” program broadcast on Rai Due.

Strengthened by the teachings of his master, Stefano shares the advice for a decoration with which to amaze your guests.

20 min


Fresh fruit


We start by rinsing the fruit under running water, removing soil or other impurities. Dry carefully with a clean cloth or absorbent kitchen paper. We cut a slice of apple (about a third of the fruit) and the core. Let’s put them aside. We place the rest of the fruit on the table, with the outside facing upwards to form a sort of dome. We cut from one side to the other obtaining slices, all of equal thickness. We will be able to fan them like a deck of cards. We can also make the same decoration with pear. We peel the kiwis and cut them into thin slices. We engrave starting from the top of the fruit, rotating the knife to create a spiral that rests on both sides. We cut the melon in half. With the help of a potato peeler, we obtain very thin half moons. We roll up the half moons giving the shape of a flower. In the middle we can put a blueberry. Pineapple lends itself very well to being cut into very fine slices, with the help of a slicer. The washers can be rolled up to create large buds. Alternatively, the pulp can be cut into wedges to be inserted between the scoops of ice cream.

Stefano advises

It is preferable to use fruit with firm pulp. The riper the fruit, the more difficult it will be to get the desired shape.